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This ice cream processing facility had these three BAC Evaporative Condensers installed as part of a five-year plan to upgrade their main engine room and improve efficiencies. Included in this set are sections of their engine room where we installed an Amerio plate freezer with a 500 HP M & M compressor package, accumulator and flash intercooler.

We installed this 621.6 ton evaporative condenser at a bottling plant in Birmingham, AL. Southeastern fabricated and erected the galvanized steel frame for the unit, including the external platform and ladder with a safety cage. Included in this installation was all piping, insulation, line coding and identification of pipe lines and valves. We also provided updated Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams for customer’s PSM Manuals.

This project, for a poultry processing plant in north Georgia, included the installation of one (1) VSS-1201 Vilter Single Screw Compressor, five (5) Evapco penthouse air units for a 38º dock, two (2) Evapco penthouse air units for a 28º vestibule, four (4) Evapco penthouse air units for a 28º cooler, and a new BAC Evaporative Condenser for the expansion of their product cooler. Southeastern Refrigeration provided labor and materials for installation of all equipment, piping, valves, insulation, line identification and ammonia sensors and controls. Southeastern also provided drawings and piping/instrumentation diagrams for all facility upgrades.